Approximate Analyses for JavaScript IDE Services

JavaScript has long outgrown its humble origins as a scripting language for animating online ads and checking form data, and is increasingly being used as a general purpose language for application development in
many different domains. Yet JavaScript development tools are still a far cry from their Java or C# counterparts. Part of the blame falls on the very flexible nature of JavaScript, which makes it hard to perform even light-weight static analysis of the kind that is generally needed by programming tools.

Join Max Schaefer as he presents some recent work on approximate static analysis techniques for JavaScript, which enable clients to quickly construct a program's call graph or to determine the set of all properties available on an expression, which are two typical pieces of information needed in an IDE. These analyses are fundamentally unsound, but we show that they nevertheless yield useful results in practice; in particular they handle framework-based web applications quite well.

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Location: MTV - 10 Forward
Duration: 1 hour 6 minutes
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