When Change is the Only Constant, Org Structure Doesn't Matter - Kirsten Wolberg

While it may be true in tech that “change is the only constant,” some changes are bigger than others.

Things like…deciding to develop an OS as well as a browser. And an app. Focusing on devices beyond phones. Changing our approach to advertising and content. Instilling an entire culture of experimentation and measurement across all functions. These types of shifts can impact job roles, titles, tools - in short, they impact all the stuff of our daily work.

Regardless of whether an organization is decentralized or command & control, these kinds of changes are never simple nor straightforward. There's no silver bullets. And yet, when done thoughtfully and holistically, significant change management can make the difference between life and death of a product, an organization and its community.

As a leader of major change efforts at PayPal, Salesforce and Charles Schwab, Kirsten Wolberg has moved a global organization to agile development and helped change the overall ownership of her organization. She'll draw off these experiences and share we might manage the changes happening at Mozilla.

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