Bay Area useR Group Official Meetup

The Bay Area R Users Group hosts Ryan Hafen, Hadley Wikham and Nick Elprin.

Ryan Hafen - Tessera is a statistical computing environment that enables deep analysis of large, complex data. In this talk, I will introduce D&R and Tessera, covering topics in statistical methodology, computation, and visualization related to the environment, as well as research challenges.

Hadley Wikham - Pure, predictable, pipeable: creating fluent interfaces with R.This talk will help you make best use of my recent packages, and teach you how to apply the same principles to make your own code easier to use.

Nick Elprin - Nick will demo some effective techniques for using R with “medium data” problems that are too large for your laptop but not big enough to demand a heavyweight deployment like Hadoop.

Start time:
Location: SFO Commons
Duration: 1 hour 29 minutes
Channel: Main

Tags: R

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