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Hapi, a new opinionated node.js framework from WalmartLabs is an attempt to refocus web services development from wiring endpoints to building application logic. Join Eran Hammer to hear about its configuration-centric approach and its many integrated functions like caching, validation, authentication, debugging, and self-documentation.

<h5>About the Presenter:</h5>

Eran Hammer is an open web advocate and active open source developer, working for WalmartLabs as mobile services engineering manager. Back from his apology tour for his work as the lead author and editor of the OAuth specifications, he is now hard at work on hapi, a node.js framework, and Oz, an OAuth replacement.

Previously, Eran headed software development for financial institutions on Wall St., and managed tech for political and governmental organizations with focus on social networks. In 1994 Eran founded 'A Different Stage', one of the first online publishers for short prose. Eran attended Tel Aviv University Film School, is an avid farmer, and the owner of three emus all named Kevin.

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Location: MTV - 10 Forward
Duration: 56 minutes
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