Meetup OCaml: An introduction to Rust for OCaml programmers

Rust is a new programming language targeting systems-level applications. Rust offers a similar level of control over performance to C++, but guarantees type soundness, memory safety, and data-race freedom. One of Rust's distinguishing features is that, like C++, it supports stack allocation and does not require the use of a garbage collector.

In this talk Felix introduces Rust for functional programmers, In these talks the examples focus on the commons points betweens OCaml and Rust. This talk was made for the Ocaml User Group of Paris (OUPS)

Felix S Klock II is a senior researcher at Mozilla research. He focuses on safe support for parallelism in prorgramming languages. He is currently working on the Rust programming language as well as Parallel JavaScript.

Start time:
Duration: 29 minutes
Channels: Main, OCaml, Paris - Salle des FĂȘtes, Rust

Tags: rust, OCaml, programming

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