London Privacy Lab - International Privacy Day

'Privacy for the Modern Web'

Lukasz Olejnik is a security and privacy consultant, and a researcher at University College London. His interests include information, computer security and privacy, especially web, mobile and Internet of Things and Web of Things security and privacy. Lukasz is also a World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Invited Expert, where he works on privacy aspects of web standards. You can find Lukasz on Twitter: @lukOlejnik

Gosia Rybakowska, CEO Privacy and Security Analysis Centre. Data analyst and engineer, programmer. Gosia holds strong interest in data protection, online privacy and digital rights. She has been working on using algorithmic mechanisms in development of tools for measuring sentiment and e-reputation. She has been also a journalist covering geopolitics and digital transformation. You can find Gosia on Twitter: @apsalaar

'Women & Minorities in the Age of Data Exploitation'

Eva Blum-Dumontet is a Research Officer at Privacy International. She investigates government surveillance in countries across Africa, South America and South-East Asia and collaborates with international partners on promoting a better awareness of surveillance programmes and advocating for better protection of right to privacy. She also conducts research on the impact of data exploitation. Prior to joining Privacy International she worked as a journalist for the Franco-German TV channel Arte, where she was covering European affairs. She holds a MA in International Journalism from City University (London) and a BA in liberal arts from Sarah Lawrence College (New York).

'Talking Behind Your Back - On the Privacy of the Ultrasound Ecosystem'

Vasilios Mavroudis is a doctoral researcher in the Information Security Group at University College London. His work focuses mainly on privacy and security aspects of different digital ecosystems. His recent work includes an in-depth analysis of the ultrasound tracking ecosystem, as well as the development of a secure hardware platform from untrusted components. In the past, he has worked on security projects such as detection systems for evasive web-malware, and attacks against telecommunication network.

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