Measuring the Subjective: The Performance Dashboard with Estelle Weyl

Firefox 57: a new look, a new engine. And fast. Because performance is critical.

But what does that mean? While performance is often seen a table stakes for software - it must be the best, and must continually improve - amazingly, no objective universal metric for performance exists.

In fact, performance varies quite a bit depending on the site, the environment and yes, the user. And users don't check your performance metrics. Instead, they perceive how fast your site or app is. So what metrics currently exist that best reflect human perception?

Drawing on results from a speed perception study and years of teaching & following web development best practices, Estelle Weyl will help us craft a useful definition of performance, unpack the difference between Speed Performance and Perceived Speed Performance, and show how we can leverage available performance tools to improve the user experience, ultimately getting the best ROI of our performance efforts.

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Location: Mountain View Commons
Duration: 57 minutes
Channels: Main, Mozilla's Monthly Speaker Series

Tags: Speaker Series, performance, monthly speaker series

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