Mentoring in SF - How you can change a life.

A short presentation and Q&A by Spark Mentors, a company in San Francisco that matches at-risk middle school students with professionals to allow them to explore careers and get excited staying in school to get to those careers.

About Spark: Spark is an award winning youth empowerment program that works to re-engage low-income students in learning through hands-on, individualized apprenticeships with mentors from the local professional community. Spark's combination of tailored workplace apprenticeships and school-based leadership curriculum helps students build confidence, engage in their education, and see how what they learn in the classroom relates to real career opportunities.

Become a Spark Mentor!

Spark apprenticeships take place once a week for 2 hours for a total of 8 meetings at your office, where students get the opportunity to learn about a new career, build on their skill sets and prepare a small project for the culminating ceremony called Discovery Night! To ensure you and your student have the best experience possible, Spark conducts a thoughtful student/mentor matching process, hosts a mentor training, and a Spark staff member will support you through weekly check ins throughout the program.

Come learn about how to get involved for our upcoming fall program!

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Location: SFO Commons
Duration: 9 minutes
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