Mozilla/TechWomen/Internet Society Mixer and Lightning Talks

Join Mozilla community members, SF Bay Internet Society, and TechWomen from the Middle East and Africa for an evening of short talks on:

-Why and how technology can be more inclusive for people with disabilities & the Disability Rights Act (DRA)
-Why open source and open standards are important for the developing world and for all of us
-The work of the Internet Society and how you can get involved and get support for projects in your home country
-How to contribute to Mozilla and other open source projects
-How to get a paid internship contributing to open source
-Efforts to help women with limited technical access and literacy through the Peer to Peer Women's Network
-Personal stories from TechWomen
-How to apply for a paid fellowship working on the open web.

Dorothee Danedjo Fouba, IT Journalist and TechWomen Emerging Leader ( from Cameroon
Leah Symekher, Konstantin Kalaitzidis & Michael Snell, San Francisco Bay Area ISOC Chapter
Rachel Leventhal, Women's Peer to Peer Network
Haben Girma, Skadden Fellowship Attorney, Disability Rights Advocate
Dave Steer, Director of Advcacy, Mozilla Foundation
Larissa Shapiro, Contributor Development Lead, Mozilla Community Building

Start time:
Location: SFO Commons
Duration: 1 hour 48 minutes
Channel: Main

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