MWoS 2014: OpenVPN MFA

The OpenVPN MFA MWoS team presents their work to add native multi-factor authentication to OpenVPN. The goal of this project is to improve the ease of use of OpenVPN with MFA and get the changes merged into OpenVPN.

OTP, Push and regular authentication methods are supported. The team uses a HMAC session token in order to maintain sessions across disconnections - similarly to websites. Re-authentication is needed only when the session token expire.

It has been developed by 3 Senior Undergraduates from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur: Shivanshu Agrawal, Srijan Shetty and Harshvardhan Sharma.

Duration: 18 minutes
Channels: Main, Multi-Factor Authentication

Tags: guillaume destuynder, mwos, security

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