Net Neutrality in Europe: What's Next? With Thomas Lohninger

Net neutrality: the notion that all data on the Internet should be treated the same, without discrimination or differential pricing -- is at risk in the United States but protected by law in Europe. But is it really being enforced?

Our January speaker Thomas Lohninger calls for citizens and technologists to join forces to make sure regulators enforce net neutrality as telcos and cable providers are not doing it on their own.

Thomas will share what the EU is doing: who are the decision makers, what is their process, what influences them, what has happened to date and what can we expect in the near future.

He'll also share key differences among the EU and the U.S. - not only legally, but culturally, politically and institutionally - and how these will impact the future of the Web, for all of us.

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Location: Mountain View Commons
Duration: 1 hour 1 minute
Channels: Main, Mozilla's Monthly Speaker Series

Tags: Speaker Series, monthly speaker series, net neutrality, EU

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