New AirMozilla Audience Demo

This is a demonstration of the new AirMozilla portal and webcast consoles. You can visit the new site at

We have launched a fully-integrated SaaS Webcasting solution that will run in parallel with our current custom built web streaming platform for a review period.

If you are interested in giving feedback we would be happy to share with you and your teams. You can see a brief overview here: To help, we've created an FAQ here:

Please request all AirMozila webcasts only through The Hub.

From an architectural perspective the INXPO SaaS platform runs on the browser-agnostic HTML5 for both mobile and desktop. Events can be streamed from any number of devices included webcams, screen sharing, Vidyo, professional Video, Skype and an increasing number of mobile devices. Content can be streamed via the client, as well as Twitter, YouTube & Facebook concurrently.

The legacy AirMozilla platform will be decommissioned later this year. The reasons for the change are multiple; however, the urgency of the change is driven by deprecated support of both the complex back-end infrastructure by IT and the user interface by Firefox engineering teams in 2016. Additional reasons include a complex user workflow resulting in a poor user experience, no self-service model, poor usability metrics and a lack of integrated, required features.

We hope that you enjoy the new AirMozilla!

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