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New Security and Privacy Features in Firefox

Location: MTV - 10 Forward

Duration: 42 minutes

Join the Security and Privacy Engineering team as they talk about new and exciting features they've been working on.

Learn how these features impact Firefox security and privacy:

<ul> <li>Click to Play plugins <li>Contextual Identity <li> Low-rights Firefox (whole process sandbox) <li> CA Pinning <li> Iframe Sandbox <li> HSTS Preload List <li> DOM Crypt Internal API <li> Per-Site Third Party Cookie Settings <li> Mixed Content Blocker <li>Insecure Password Fields <li>HTTPS google search <li>Do-Not-Track </ul>

Tags: Firefox, security, privacy

Channels: Main, Privacy

Additional links:
Firefox Security Roadmap: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Security/Roadmap

Firefox Privacy Roadmap: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Privacy/Roadmap

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