Optimizing for Uncertainty with Mike Arauz

The web is increasingly complex and dynamic. In the natural realm, 'complex adaptive systems' allow for flux and change in tumultuous environments. Our December speaker will draw on these models to illustrate how modern organizations can decide and move quickly.

Mike Arauz will share how leading tech and product organizations are not simply adapting to increased change, but innovating and thriving in these dynamic environments by:

* operating around networks vs hierarchies
* distributing authority
* processing information effectively
* embracing structured and facilitated methods for collecting feedback and gaining consent on group action.

Speaker: Mike Arauz is a Founding Member and Acting President at August, a New York based consulting firm that builds high-performing teams for the world's most meaningful missions. Previously, Mike was a Partner at Undercurrent, where he worked with leaders of global companies to transform how their organizations work and thrive in the 21st century, including GE, Pearson, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Mike is also a co-author of the Responsive.org manifesto and a leading contributor to the global self-management and future of work movement.

Start time:
Location: Mountain View Commons
Duration: 59 minutes
Channels: Main, Mozilla's Monthly Speaker Series

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