Overview of Research Team Projects

Location: SFO Commons

Mozilla Research is starting an informal gathering of academics and practitioners excited about expanding the foundations of the Open Web. This event is the first of those.

The event starts with a keynote speech by Brendan Eich, Mozilla CTO, followed by lightning talks on several of the projects we've been working on: Parallel JavaScript, Rust, Servo, asm.js, Emscripten and Shumway.

Tags: research

Additional links: Rust http://www.rust-lang.org/
Servo https://github.com/mozilla/servo
asm.js http://asmjs.org/
emscripten http://emscripten.org/
Shumway https://blog.mozilla.org/research/2012/11/12/introducing-the-shumway-open-swf-runtime-project/

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