Rust Berlin Meetup September 2017


An overview of the Servo architecture by Emilio (

Emilio is an engineer at Mozilla, working on the experimental Servo browser engine and integrating Stylo (the CSS parts of Servo) into Firefox.

rust ❤️ sensors by Claus (
With Rust being a safe and efficient language, it's perfect for embedded and more lower level applications. However, its ecosystem is missing a crucial thing to succeed: Drivers. More often than not reference implementations are in C or Python, and re-implementing them using that code or even the data sheet is often tricky. This talk will explore available drivers, common pitfalls, and show the audience how to implement their own drivers for i2c devices.

Start time:
Location: Berlin Commons
Duration: 1 hour 8 minutes
Channels: Main, Mozilla Research, Rust

Tags: Rust Berlin, Berlin, rust, meetup, servo

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