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Speaker Series: Authoring for Mixed Reality with Timoni West

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Authoring for Mixed Reality with Timoni West

This year Mozilla's Emerging Technologies group has two core objectives: (1) prove product-market fit for end users and creators with experimental products; and (2) increase Mozilla's active engagement with developers, and their adoption of our core web technologies.

As part of Emerging Tech, the Mixed Reality team specifically wants to empower developers and users to build rich interfaces and experiences — whether in AR, VR, or both — and is looking at things like spatial computing, gestural interfaces and new input paradigms, and other ways to support the growth of the open web.

At our July Speaker Series, we'll hear how others are addressing these needs, and how this work ties to Mozilla. Specifically, Timoni West, who leads XR Research at Unity Labs, will share about the latest tools that her team has created to create new and immersive online experiences.

This includes an exploration of the challenges — both hardware and software — posed by spatial computing (the way we interact with computers in our surroundings -- whether devices in the physical world, or to virtual reality settings). Spatial computing expands how we experience computing, from single, rigid LCD/screen interfaces out into the wider, physical world. She'll share how her team is creating tools that match how people already think and operate (apperception).

Timoni will also share ways her team is helping non-technical creators to experiment and make new things in Mixed and Augmented Reality, drawing off of widely accessible data sets. And she'll touch on how these new tools can provide privacy and freedom, in the spirit of Mozilla.

Timoni West leads XR Research at Unity Labs, managing a team of cross-disciplinary artists and engineers. Specifically, the immersive Authoring Tools Group that Timoni leads in Unity's labs team is focused on how people will build worlds in the future. Their first public project, EditorVR, was released in December 2016. Labs works closely with partners, cheerlead indies making awesome experiences, and stays closely involved with the AR/VR/MR community.

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