The Web we know is primarily financed by advertising. This business model has allowed free access to content and services on the Web for everyone on the planet by offering content creators, publishers, application developers and service providers a financial compensation for their work. But it also entails numerous 'ad-maladies': unnecessary bloated content, ad intrusiveness, unfair data practices such as tracking and privacy violations.

We believe that Subscribe2Web (S2W) is a possible alternative way of funding the Web that does not entail the ad-maladies of the Web we know. It is a movement to create an ad-free Web, which protects users and compensates content and service providers.

Join the Subscribe2Web team for an hour-long brown bag to discuss the concept, Pilot #1 and any questions you might have.

Start time:
Location: SFO Commons
Duration: 16 minutes
Channel: Main

Tags: ad-free, micropayments, S2W, Subscribe2Web

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