Virtual Reality & The Web: Next Steps

On June 26, Mozilla Research launched an experimental build of Firefox with VR-enablers bundled, empowering developers to turn any website into a virtual reality experience. No plugins, installs or expensive development tools required.

Since June we have been busy, creating new builds, new demos, and new tools. In this brownbag we will share our latest, and also provide a look at our future. VR presents immense challenges, but also immense opportunities. From latency to interaction design, we'll break down the work to be done to make the web an awesome platform for VR. And show devs how they can get involved today, easily.

Visit the Air Mozilla Virtual Reality Channel for more about VR on the web.

Start time:
Location: SFO Commons
Duration: 1 hour 39 minutes
Channels: Main, Virtual Reality on the Web

Tags: vr, brownbag, ux, research, gfx, live

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