Web Security Training

Join Tanvi Vyas and Raymond Forbes as they present Web Developer Security 1.0.

Instead of focusing on how to attack a website, this training focuses on how you can protect your website from common threats. Tanvi and Raymond describe a handful of web security techniques including Content Security Policy, X-Frame-Options, securing your cookies, iframe sandbox, content sanitization, and sensitive data encryption. Deploying these techniques will help protect your users and secure your site.

The talk will be broadcast here on air.mozilla.org on Tuesday, June 18th at 12:15 pm PDT. We also welcome all developers to come watch the talk in person at Mozilla's Mountain View office. There will be Punch & Pie!

To watch the talk in person, come to:
650 Castro Street, Suite 300 (Third floor)
Mountain View, CA 94041
Map link below.
Once you get to the third floor, you can sign in and we will escort you to Ten Forward to watch the talk.

For those of you watching the talk on Air Mozilla, you can ask questions in the #airmozilla channel on irc.mozilla.org.

Start time:
Location: MTV - 10 Forward
Duration: 46 minutes
Channel: Main

Tags: application security, security, web development

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